Services: Implants

Implant imageDental implants can provide artificial teeth that look natural and feel secure. Dental implants can also be used to attach full or partial dentures. Implants, however, are not an option for everyone. Because implants require surgery, patients must be in good health, have healthy gums, have adequate bone to support the implant and be committed to meticulous oral hygiene and regular dental visits. If you are considering implants a thorough evaluation at our office will be needed to determine if they are right for you.

Dental Implants are a Three Step Process
Implants are a three step process. First a surgery is done to place the implant. We place the implant deep in the bone and then allow 3-6 months to let the bone integrate and heal around it. After the healing process is complete we cut into the tissue to remove the cover that was place on top of the implant on the first appointment. We then place a healing collar which looks like a slightly larger screw that is a little bit above the gums. We let the tissues heal around this making the perfect spot to place a crown. At the last appointment we will place the crown and the implant process is complete. Implants are a great solution for an area where a tooth is missing. THey are a longer longevity than alternative way of filling in the space. At Spring Creek Dental we are happy to answer any questions you may have concerning this process.

We will do all we can to keep our patients comfortable.  We use Nitrous (laughing gas), sedation drugs, calm music, and anesthesia to keep even the most anxious patients relaxed. We have some numbing gels that can give short term relief during cleanings. Let us know if you are anxious or extra sensitive and we will do all we can to make your necessary work as pleasant
as possible.