Services: Whitening

Everybody loves a bright white smile, and there are a variety of products and procedures available to help you improve the look of yours.

Many people are satisfied with the sparkle they get from brushing twice daily with a fluoride-containing toothpaste, cleaning between their teeth once a day and the regular cleanings at your dentist’s office. If you decide you would like to go beyond this to make your smile look brighter, you should investigate all of your options.

You can take several approaches to whiten your smile:

  • In-office bleaching: This process includes coming in and placing a barrier on the gums.  Then we place the whitening solution on the teeth and let the ultraviolet light accelerate the bleaching action.  This gives the fastest results.  We can have most people as white as they will get in a 2 hour session.
  • At-home bleaching:  This process can be done in two ways.  The first is to get trays made here in the office.  They fit on your teeth only, and you place bleaching solution into the trays.  After 30 minutes a day for about 2 weeks you will be a white as you can be.  The second way is to go to the store and buy some over the counter kits or strips.  They have a less predictable outcome than the bleach from our office because the bleach isn’t as strong.
  • Whitening toothpastes:  These can help with staining, but also have an unpredictable outcome. 
All types of bleaching can increase sensitivity in teeth, and none of them hurt your enamel.