Insurance Information

We follow the standard of care in dentistry and not what insurance dictates.  This allows us to take the best care of our patients.

To find out if we are providers for your insurance plan, call them or go to their website. 

Here is a list of codes that can help when calling your insurance to find out your coverage:
D1110 Adult Cleaning
D1120 Child Cleaning
D4910 Perio Maintenance
D4341 or D4342  Deep Cleaning (Scaling and Root Planeing)
D1203 Fluoride for Kids
D1206 Fluoride for Adults
D0120 Regular Exam
D0140 Emergency Exam
D0150 Comprehensive Exam
D0274 4 Bitewing x-rays
D0272 2 Bitewing x-rays
D0210 Full Mouth Set of x-rays
D0330 Panoramic x-rays
D9940 Night Guard
D2750 Porcelain Fused to Metal Crown
D2740 All Porcelain Crown
D1351 Sealant
D9230 Nitrous